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NC-1308 is available for purchase in increments of 1


SKU NC-1308-5-00-CT
Stone Count 141
Stone Size 4X2.5MM, 2X3.5MM, 34X2MM, 4X2.7MM, 84X1.7MM, 2X3.2MM, 4X3MM, 6X2.2MM, 1X4MM,
SKU NC-1308-6-00-CT
Stone Count 137
Stone Size 6X2.7MM, 84X1.7MM, 4X3MM, 20X2MM, 6X2.5MM, 4X3.2MM, 6X2.2MM, 2X4MM, 4X3.5MM,
SKU NC-1308-7-00-CT
Stone Count 119
Stone Size 2X3.2MM, 12X2.7MM, 2X3.5MM, 36X2.5MM, 60X2.2MM, 1X4MM, 6X3MM,
SKU NC-1308-8-00-CT
Stone Count 115
Stone Size 8X3MM, 4X3.5MM, 22X2.5MM, 8X3.2MM, 60X2.2MM, 10X2.7MM, 1X4.5MM, 2X4MM,
SKU NC-1308-9-00-CT
Stone Count 111
Stone Size 12X2.7MM, 20X2.5MM, 2X4.5MM, 6X3.2MM, 10X3MM, 1X5MM, 4X3.5MM, 4X4MM, 52X2.2MM,
SKU NC-1308-10-00-CT
Stone Count 109
Stone Size 24X2.5MM, 2X4.5MM, 1X5.5MM, 6X3.2MM, 10X3MM, 2X4MM, 44X2.2MM, 2X5MM, 12X2.7MM,
SKU NC-1308-11-00-CT
Stone Count 105
Stone Size 2X5MM, 8X3.2MM, 12X3MM, 24X2.5MM, 1X5.5MM, 4X4.5MM, 6X3.5MM, 32X2.2MM, 12X2.7MM,
SKU NC-1308-12-00-CT
Stone Count 101
Stone Size 32X2.2MM, 4X4.5MM, 8X3MM, 10X2.7MM, 6X4MM, 4X5MM, 8X3.2MM, 20X2.5MM, 1X5.5MM,
SKU NC-1308-14-00-CT
Stone Count 99
Stone Size 8X4MM, 8X3.2MM, 8X3.5MM, 8X2.7MM, 38X2.2MM, 2X5.5MM, 8X2.5MM, 1X6MM, 8X3MM,
SKU NC-1308-15-00-CT
Stone Count 97
Stone Size 2X5.5MM, 36X2.2MM, 4X5MM, 6X4MM, 10X2.5MM, 6X4.5MM, 6X3.5MM, 1X6.5MM, 8X3MM, 8X3.2MM,
Specs shown for Standard Size in 14K Gold

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